Monday, February 21, 2011

Grist makes link between Girl Scouts and Orangutans

This afternoon I read an interesting article on titled, "Are Girl Scout cookies killing Orangutans?" 

The article states that Girl Scout cookies are made with palm oil and that palm oil is:
"the No. 1 culprit behind deforestation in Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia and Malaysia." 

 The Grist article goes on to say that the Girl Scouts can switch to canola oil which is more environmentally friendly and healthier as well.  The next part of the article is what I found most interesting.  Apparently, the Girl Guides of Great Britain use olive and rapeseed oil instead of palm oil and are offering to help the Girl Scouts and Girl Guides Canada switch as well.  This little tidbit comes from the blog, "Please do not tap on the glass" 

I didn't understand why the Girl Scouts don't change oils until I read that they need palm oil to keep the chocolate chips from falling out of the cookies!  Fair enough.  However that excuses flies out the window when your sister organization comes to you and says, "Hey sis, we found another oil that works and guess what? Its more environmentally friendly and healthier then how you are currently making cookies!

So why don't the switch? Cost.  We Americans demand cheaper prices on everything which in this case leads to deforestation which leads to a lost of Orangutan habitat. 

So are the Girls Scouts helping to kill Orangutans with their palm oil filled cookies?  Yes they are.
Who else is helping? Everyone that buys the cookies.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Straight Razor

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I think I'm finally ready to make the switch.  For the past few years I've really been bothered each time that I throw away a disposable razor.  We tend to use the mid price razor so I get a few good shaves on it but most of the time, it rips my face apart.  It's gotten to the point where I only shave in the mornings if I know the razor is still new, otherwise, I shave at night so my face has time to heal before the morning.

  I've thought about using a straight razor for some now but I guess I've been a little afraid to try it because I don't want to accidentally slit my throat.  I've gotten over my nervousness and I'm ready to give it a try.  Last night I read a great article on Mother Earth News simply titled, "How to use a straight razor."
The above article gives a good overview of how to shave with a straight razor, what to look for when buying a razor, and how advice on sharping storing the new razor.

I want to use a straight razor because I am tired of throwing away the disposable razor all the time.  I'm thinking that once I learn how to use the razor, it will be a win-win for me and the environment.

Let the search began!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be Greedy - Save the World

Is global warming real? Yes? No? Who cares?

If you said yes, then there are plenty of documentaries out there for you. If you said no or who cares, then you should check out the new documentary called "Carbon Nation."

This film is not trying to change your mind on global warming, all they take about are energy solutions, creating jobs, and saving money. Check out the trailer below.