Sunday, January 3, 2010

Heater from a Candle...I'm not impressed

Like the title says, I'm just not impressed.  They look nice and do put off a little heat but not enough to warrant spending $30 on one.  I think we are just going to use ours as a candle holder...they are kind of fun and do give off a nice glow.

We are going to keep burning them for a bit longer and see if anything changes.  The website did say that they needed to be lit for at least 6 hours to dry out the pots before heat will come off.  We ran them for about 5-6 hours last night so maybe this evening they will work better.  I know its not going to heat the house but I was hoping it would at least raise the tempature in the bathroom a few degrees.

The final test will be in a few weeks.  The main reason for wanting to build this little heater is to see if it can keep the vw warm over night while we are camping.  I'll be sure to post an update with those results.

The building was pretty easy.
 I used the following:

  1. a 6", 4", and 2" flower pot
  2. a 7" bolt (I ended up cutting off 2" so I would use a 5" bolt next time) You want this to be the fattest bolt that will fit through the hole in the bottom of the 2" pot
  3. a handful of nuts that fit the bolt
  4. a handful of different sized washers
I ran the bolt through the 6" pot and secured it with washers and nuts on each side. Then I added the washers and nuts in somewhat random order...I only went one or two washers before adding a nut.  Slide on the 4" pot making sure it is pretty even with the 6" pot -I made sure the 4" pot was not sticking out from under the 6" pot.  Add more washers and nuts and then the 2" pot.  Finish off with more washers and nuts until the final nut is even or just shy of the 6" pot.  The bolt should not stick out from under the 6" pot.

I pretty much tried to copy the cut-away picture from the last post...You can try different sized pots or even shallow or deeper pots.  Please let me know if you have better results with yours if you decide to make one.

The first stand we used is just a 6" candle holder we found on sale after Christmas.
We made the second stand from several "L" brackets (4" and 1" "L" brackets and a 4" straight piece)
The third stand is made from left over chicken wire.

We like the industrious look of the second stand about you? Which stand do you prefer?

If you decide to make one of these candle holders, let me know and I'll be sure to link to your post.


wendyytb said...

I look forward to hearing more about these heaters as they really sounded promising... please post if you start getting better results.


L.A. said...

Keep us posted on how they work. They are so nice looking I was hoping they really actually put off a decent amount of heat. We don't need them here, but I thought they would be nice in case the power was ever out for awhile.
Last night was 5 degrees and it remained 62 when I got up at 8 in here over night with no heat. Now I had done a lot of laundry and baked last night so that helped a lot I'm sure. We have very good insulation here plus we are in a town house with a neighbor connected next door. Big difference. Makes me worry about looking for a house in the spring.