Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trader Joe's wine

Firefly and I like to drink wine.  We don't really have a favorite wine and we tend to buy wine based on the label...I actually think this is how most people buy wine.

While we were at Trader Joes picking up potatoes for firefly's amazing potato soup, firefly asked me what kind of wine we should get next so to be funny I said, lets just drink them all!  We both laughed and then she said "ok."

How are we going to keep track of the ones we've already had?  After a little debate, we decided that we would buy them one column at a time working our way down the column left to right, top to bottom, only buying reds under $10.

I'll post a little note about each bottle as we drink it and let you know if we think it's worth buying again or not.


L.A. said...

Awesome. I too love red wine.
Can't wait for your reviews.

jason said...

Sounds like quite a journey. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Here's my current Top 10 Trader Joe's Wine List. Hope you can introduce me to something new along the way!