Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wanted: Name for VW Bus

I have wanted a camper bus for years and years...10 years to be exact.  10 years later, I got my bus and I couldn't be happier about her.  She is a 1978 type 2 VW Bus poptop and is beautiful inside and out! (I'll post some good bus pictures soon).

The one thing she still needs is a name.  Firefly has a poll up on her blog and I think I'll post the same poll here as well.  We want a hippish name so I came up with Daisy (because she is white and then I can drive Ms. Daisy).  The other names in the running are Sunny and Willow or any other names that people leave in a comment.

Here is the story behind the bus:

Like I said, I have wanted a poptop bus for the last ten years.  I lived in Germany for three of those years and still never found exactlly what I wanted.  I came home, Firefly and I got married and the search continued.  Slowly over the next 3.5 years Firefly came around to the idea of owning a bus and even camping in it.

I have been searching craigslist posts in Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada (with the help of but I still hadn't found the perfect bus.  Then I met a guy at Firefly's cousin's wedding and he told me about a site called The Samba... this was the beginning of the end of our search.

I went on the site the next day, found the perfect bus and made the phone call.  The bus was living in Vancouver at the time but was going to be in Seattle the following weekend.  My brother in law (who lives in Seattle) took her for a test drive and then inspected her from top to bottom, inside and out for any problems.  I called the owner after I got his report and told him i wanted the bus, Firefly then wired him a $1000 deposit.  We were already going to be visiting Seattle two weeks later so we changed our tickets to one-way, and drove her home to Reno.

Here is how Firefly describes the trip home:
The bus did great making it from Seattle to Reno. The ride home went something like this: 750 miles, 10 cups of coffee, 4 states, 4 gas stations, 3 rest stops,  2 blankets, 2 times running out of gas, one overnight stop in Eugene, OR (and a partridge in a pear tree).

(we did get the heater working the next day...after I read the directions)

Click above for pictures of our trip home and below for random Seattle Pictures

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