Saturday, January 30, 2010

Packaging Free Grocery Store

How great would it be if there was a grocery store right down the street that straight up refused to sell packaged items? What if you could just walk in with your own bags and containers and buy just the right amount of whatever you needed and not have to worry about the rest going bad?
Good news: You can!
Bad news: You have to live in London...

The store is called Unpackaged and you should check out their site here.

I first read about Unpackaged this morning here at


L.A. said...

I DREAM of having a store like that to go to. There are some here in the states that I have heard about during my blog hopping but I can't remember where they were.
We can only hope that this catches on soon.

Amber said...

Oh man! How badly do I want these to be EVERYWHERE. Awesome.