Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I love Google notebook! I have been using this everyday since I found it and now I think that someone out there should make an Iphone application for it.

I listen to NPR while at work and at least once a day I hear about a movie, book, song, artist, or website that I want to check out. I'm not allowed to use my work computer for personal stuff so I pull out my handi (cellphone) and send a little note to my google notebook and it is automatically added to my mobile notes.

As of right now you can access it from your handi (cellphone) by going to: http://www.google.com/notebook/m but there are some limits as to what you can do. Any notes that you add from the above site only go to the mobile notes because they were entered from a mobile phone. This is where the new Iphone application would be handy (yes, the pun IS intended).

The Iphone application should allow the use to do at least the following:
  1. Post new notes to a default list i.e. mobile notes
  2. Allow for the creation of new notebooks while on the go
  3. Allow new posts to be added to any notebook, not just the default notebook
  4. Allow for an entire notebook to be emailed to a Gmail contact or entered email address
  5. Allow for a single notebook post to be sent via SMS to contact or entered phone number
  6. Look cool
It would be cool if it could also...
  1. Read the post in a notebook back to you
  2. Transcribe notes so that you could post to a notebook while driving.
There ya go, let's make this happen.

...Just an idea

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