Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keiro Kitchen Compost Grinder

Both pictures are from Quirky.com

For about 2 months, I have been trying to build a manual compost grinder so that I could break down our kitchen scraps before putting them into the compost pile.  This actually proved to be way harder then I thought it would and only of my designs worked...and it was way to bulky to be of any use.

Then just a few days I read that Quirky.com had just had a compost grinder competition and the winning product, Keiro would be going into pre-sale very soon.  Please take a few moments and check out this awesome kitchen counter sized compost grinder.

The idea behind the Keiro is very simple. Instead of placing all you scraps into a small container to take to the compost pile, you can just grind it up really quick and then broke down food falls into a storage container.  There is also a filter system in the container to trap any smells.

In order for this product to be made, 1140 people need to commit to buying it.  Once that number is reached, it can go into production s please check it out and tell your friends and family.  They say that you can un-commit at anytime and you won't be billed unless the product is actually made.  

Right now we are at 26/1140

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