Saturday, January 10, 2009

Telekinesis iPhone Remote

I have found an application for the iphone that will let you access EVERYTHING on your home computer right on your iphone! I had to dig through several different sites and blogs to figure this all out and my goal is to give you all that information right here.

Step 1: go here. and download the file under the Featured Downloads on the right side of screen.

Step 2: unzip the file after it downloads and click on the iPhone Remote application (may take a second to load)

Step 3. Enter in a user name and password. I suggest you make this different then your other user names and passwords. Hit enter. This should launch Safari and connect to your computer via your IP address. The web address should be

If the page opens correctly then enter the URL (address) into your iPhone’s browser. You will be prompted to “Accept Website Certificate.” Click Accept. Enter in your user name and password and hit Log in. Bam! You’re in!

If the page did not open then you will need to find your computer’s IP address. To do this go to Once you have the IP address, goto

Once the page is open I clicked the blue “+” at the bottom of screen and clicked the “add to Home Screen” and now it will be on your home screen like an application.

Up to this point you can now access all the documents and files on your computer (not music or video)

In order to play music/videos you have to go into the Iphone Remote Preferences.
Once there, click on the box that says Share media insecurely – This is why you want to have a really good User name and password. Otherwise someone would be able to access and download your media files.

Launch the program on you Iphone and go into the file screen. Find the music or video that you want to watch and click on it. If it is playable in Itunes then it should play on your phone.

In order to access my media I had to change my firewall settings. Here’s how

Step 1: log into your router
To do this you need to know your router ID which can be found by going to your System Preferences, then Network, then TCP/IP, then copy the Router field -192.168.?.?

(If you have never signed into your router then the following website might help )

Step 2: This step is going to be a little different for each router. I went into the firewall settings and selected the computer that I wanted to access. Then I clicked to allow all applications. Then Save.

Step 3: Step 2 changed my IP address so I had to go back to to get my network IP address. Be sure not to give this to anyone or the might be able to access your computer.

Step 4: From your iphone goto https://yourIPgoeshere:5010
You can now enjoy your media files on your Iphone…You Rock!

****Final thing. Your computer must be on, logged in, and have an internet connection. I am using a laptop so after I log in, i just close the screen almost all the way and let it "fall" asleep on it's own. ****

Hopefully this was easy to follow. If not, please let me know and I will attempt to make things clearer.

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