Sunday, March 28, 2010

Books Books Books

John Grisham's Playing For Pizza -
    This was a fun little read about nothing.  The basic story line is that an NFL player moves to Italy to play American football when he can't find an American team to play for.  He eats good food, drinks lots of wine and meets a girl.  I'd save this one for a summer vacation at the beach.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn's One day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich -
   Another quick read, but far better then Grisham's book.  The basic story follows Ivan Denisovich through one day in a Russian prison camp in Siberia.  I love the positive attitude Ivan keeps through out the book and how he can find pleasure in the very simple things in life.  If he can be happy in this frozen hell, then I can be happy as well.

Martha Riley's An Ordinary Man -
(Full disclosure, Martha Riley is my grandmother)
       This is a longer read but very well written.  The writing made me want to keep reading but the content allowed me to only read this in smaller chunks.  The book is based on the life of a man that my grandmother once knew.  The book follows a Polish air force officer from the invasion by Germany, to a labor camp, joining the SS, escaping from the SS, joining the resistance, and finally running from Nazi hunters.  What would you do to survive?

Ashley English Keeping Chickens -
    This is a wonderful book/guide that I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about keeping chickens.  This book has been very helpful as Firefly and I have been getting ready for our chicks (we'll bring them home on Thursday...should only be a day or two old).  I feel confident in our ability to raise the chicks to healthy hens and continue to care for them afterward because of what we learned in this book.  This book won't make you the best chicken keeper in the world but it is a very good crash course!  You can also check out Ashley's blog @

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