Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How funky is your Chicken?

After much debate between ducks and chickens, we decided to raise to raise chickens this year.  We've spent the last few days researching different breeds and type of chickens trying to find the perfect fit for us.  After much debate and three phones calls to the feed shop (Greens Feed in Reno) our order was placed.  We decided on two bantam White Silkies and two standard Silver-laced Wyandotte.

In our chicken search Firefly found the great chicken website, Backyardchickens.com

You can learn all about the White Silkies here and all about the Silver-laced Wyandotte here

Because the White Silkies are bantam, they come straight run which means our odds of getting pullets (females) are 50-50.  I guess the bantam are too small at birth to tell the gender. 

We went with the standard Wyandottes so that we would be sure to have some hens. (10% chance of getting males because they are sexed by hand) 

Our chicken book, Keeping Chickens by Ashley English should be here tomorrow or the next day and tomorrow I am going get the yard ready for the coop we are going to build. 

I'll post updates here but most of the chicken news will be located at www.fireflyskiesfamilyfarm.com/

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