Friday, May 22, 2009


Hopefully we will be able to start our potatoes this weekend but looking back, I'm glad that we had to wait because we just learned some new potato information.

I had no idea that there were different season lengths for potatoes and the longer the season, the better they grow in hills or towers.

If you plant a short or early season potato in a tower, you are still only going to get fruit in the first 6-10 inches of reason to bury under 3feet of good soil. Mid and Late season potatoes are the best option for hills or towers.

Early potatoes (short season) 60-80days
Main potatoes (mid-season) 80-100days
Storage potatoes (Long Season) 100-130days

Turns out that we got lucky when we bought our taters. We are going to plant Russets (storage) and Reds (main) so both so do great in our tire towers.

For more information check out:
Seed potatoes - Ronniger (check out their catalog and growers guide for lots of great tips)
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Good luck!

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