Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Crazy Weekend!

Wow, it's been busy around here!  This time it was my spontaneity that caused our busy weekend.  Saturday Firefly (my new blog name for my wife) and I went to a friends house and picked gobs (3 paper bags worth) of apples.  I was having so much fun that I had to be pulled away from the tree, I would have picked all day if we had the time.  After we picked our 3 bags and our friend picked their 2 bags, the tree look EXACTLY the same!  I can't believe the amount of apples that are on this tree.

Sunday morning we turned 3 bags of apples into 14 quarts of applesauce and some apple chips. Then turned all that fresh apple sauce into some amazing apple butter.  We let it cook down over night and then in the morning, Firefly added more applesauce and let the butter continue to reduce down.  Then while I was at work, she whipped the reduced applesauce into apple butter and let it simemr a little longer.  (Somewhere in the middle of all this she found time to make a wonderful gluten-free veggie chili which we had for dinner and then froze the extra for another night).

When I got home, we canned up 40 or so 1/4 pint jars of yummy goodness.  Any guesses as to what our friends and family are getting for Christmas?

Special thanks to our friend Matt who peeled, sliced, and cored the majority of the apples!

Thanks to Dad for the help on the food mill.  Thanks to Mom for the wall decal and pictures.

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