Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reusable Lunch Baggies

Thanks to Ideal Bite, I got this cool little email this morning about reusable lunch baggies.  I take two plastic sandwich baggies with me every day to work. I have one for my sandwich and one for my baggle.  Now before you get mad at me for going through ten bags a week, know that I don't use that many.  I reuse the bags until I lose them...this for me is about a month or so.  Firefly even brings home her bags now.  I think at first it was to humor me but now I think she does it for herself.

Still, even using these small amounts of bags bothers me.  What can we do? And what will we do when we have kiddos? Check out these two websites for the answer:
  1. Plumb Creek Mercantile 
  2. 3 Green Moms 
I am also thinking that someone handier then me on a sewing machine might just be able to bust a few of these out in an evening curled up by the fire. (hint, hint)

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