Friday, October 30, 2009

Coffee Labels

A little bit ago, I posted a little note about coffee labels and how overwhelming they all can be.  After some research and soul-searching (seriously) I've decided to only drink Fair Trade, Organic, Shade Grown coffee.  These three labels will ensure a good life for the coffee farmer and their community, that I am drinking coffee and not pesticides, and that my morning joe is not killing the rain forest.

We started with the can on the left (just finished it) and tomorrow I will open the can on the right.  Once that can is gone, we will go local as well.  I've heard rumors of a local coffee grinding place so I want to look into that.  Then we can help support the small local guy and bring in our own reusable container.

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HWPetty said...

Blind Dog! We love that coffee. You can get it at Scolari's and Whole Foods.

They also support the local Angel Kiss foundation, giving a portion of their profits to help fight childhood cancer. Not sure it gets better than that!