Saturday, March 14, 2009

Addictions....bad stuff

I feel that I have an addictive personality. Lots of my family have been addicted to smoking and drinking over the years and deep down, I know part of that addiction could be hiding in me as well. Over the years, I have tried very hard to not become addicted to anything. Sometimes I play a little game with myself where I will give up something that I really like for a month or two just to make sure I can live without it. Chocolate and coffee are two things that come to mind, gum also!

Well, you would think that being so aware of addictions would keep me from becoming addicted to anything right? Somehow something got through and I recently discovered that I do in fact have an addiction. They say the first step towards recovery is to admit you have a problem so here goes. I am addicted to.........Microwaves!

Yes, I know that this is nothing major but I was still so surprise to learn that I was pretty dependent on this one kitchen appliance. I think I probably used the microwave at least twice a day if not more.

I found this out because we just recently gave some friends back their microwave that we had been "baby sitting" for the past 2+ years. The next day I went to make a quesadilla but no microwave! I mean I guess I COULD use the stove but it had been some long that it actually took me a minute to remember how to make one on the stove. Well guess what? That was the best quesadilla I've had in a long time!
It was so good! The cheese was fully melted and oozing out the sides and the tortillas were nice and crispy, not soggy like out of the microwave.

One thing I like about the Microwave (other then speed) is that I don't have a pot to wash after we heat something up. Well, my beautiful wife found a way to fix that!

Well there you go. I am now happily on the road to recovery and I hope this will help you realize just how easy it is to become addicted to microwaves!

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