Saturday, March 21, 2009

Third times a charm...?

Here we go again! We have just submitted on offer on our third house! Cross your fingers, we should know something by Wednesday of this week.

I took Thursday and Friday off this week to spend some time with my lovely wife who was on her spring break. The first day of my mini Stay-cation, we met up with our wonderful Realtor and walked through another four houses. The first one was great and there are few words to describe the other three. A few of these words are Weird, Creepy, and What the heck were they thinking!

Here is the front of the house that we like and put an offer in on. It is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house and is 1044sq. It has hardwood floors through out the house and a large fireplace in the front room. The kitchen needs to be redone right away along with finishing the hardwood floors but everything else can wait a little while. The back yard is huge and just waiting for a large garden. We are also going to plant a few fruit trees and hopefully some blackberries along the back or side fence.

The house also has a 1044sq unfinished basement the is very open and bright! It looks like the original plan was to make it into a second unit and use it as a rental. It is plumbed for a washroom, bathroom, and kitchen. We would like to have it rent ready within a year and then hopefully rent it out to some friends.

We already like the neighborhood and have several friends that live within a two minute walk/stumble. The house itself is only about a three minute drive from our current place so moving day should go pretty quick!

I am hoping that everything goes through quickly and we can get the keys within a month so that we can at least get the garden started! I learned how to grow potatoes in tires and I really want to try it this year! Stay tuned for more on that!

The best part? Lots of room for ducks!

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