Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spoiled cats

Our Cats are Spoiled!

Our older cat Vester (in the picture) is slightly allergic to something that is found in regular dry cat food. No matter what food we gave him, he would throw it up about 2-3 times a month. After talking with our family vet, we decided that we would make our own cat food that only have simply, healthy ingredients. The cats have been on the food for about a month now and neither one has thrown up! Vester is much more active now then he has been in a long while and his coat is nice and shinny.

Our recipe is:

2 frozen chicken breast
2 cups of brown rice
4 cups of water
2 carrot
2 stocks of celery
2 hard boiled eggs

Put the Chicken, rice, and water in to a crock-pot on low. Dice up the veggies and the hard boiled eggs nice and small and add to the crock-pot. Cook on low for about 6-8 hours or until the chicken is fully cooked. remove the chicken and dice or shred it. We then pour the whole mixture into a large Tupperware container, mix it together with the chicken, and let it cool before storing in the fridge. One batch will last us about a week. We feed them a little less then half a cup twice a day. Easy!

*NOTE* Once a week will give them a can of wet cat food because there is something in it that cats must have.

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Morgan Lynn said...

It's actually 3 cups of water for every 1 cup of rice! :)