Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Associate Synesthetes

I feel colors. I taste things in color. I see color in people and in things. I sense color.

I know this might not make any sense but I process all of my senses through color. Of course if I cut myself, I feel the pain of it but I also "see" color..usually red. When I look at people I see them but I can also "see" their color. Objects and Ideas also have color to me.

I used to think I was just weird but I have been reading about Synesthetes lately and it seem that there are other people that feel in color as well. Now I'm not saying that I am a synesthetes because I have not seen anyone about it but the more I read, the more okay and less confused I's kind of a light green Eastery color.

according to this article there are two types: Projector and Associate Synesthetes. I wrote a jornal entry today at lunch before I read this article, "I cannot actually see this but it is a feeling that I see"

The problem is that I always "See" the colors but I cannot always make the words come out to say what they are....I feel the same way when I wake from a dream. In can play the majority of the dream back in my mind but try as I may, I usually cannot make the words come out to tale what I am seeing. Is it like not being able to describe a play as you are watching it. I can actually feel the words get stuck in my stomach which actually makes me a little sad.

I'm not sure if it is connected but sometime when I am talking on the phone with someone, I swear I can see them and the room they are in....again all in terms of color.

Does this make sense to anyone else or even better, do you feel this too?


HWPetty said...

I don't see or feel things like you do, but it still fascinates me.

I wonder if this isn't what is meant when people think they can see "auras"??

I've been reading some on that lately for a new book project I'm half-researching right now. I'm definitely adding this to my research list.

Tony R. said...

I think so. I believe that I can see peoples auras. Kind of like everyone is encased in a slightly larger version of seeing halos on lights