Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Patio!

This is what happens when your wife decides to be spontaneous:

Becomes this...

And who was behind this crazy fast (unplanned) transformation?

The whole project (about 90% done) actually went really fast. I think the actual brick laying only took a couple of hours to get all but the last 6-7 rows. Morgan and my dad (my buddy John took over later for Dad) put down the mortar and pavers. Dad on the mortar and Morgan laying the pavers.

My Mom had the job of actually moving the pavers around for everyone. She took them from the stacks on the side of the house and made small piles around the edges of the courtyard so that Morgan and Dad could just reach over and grab a brick when needed.

(Mom was just too dang busy and quick to take a picture of her....maybe she used to be a ninja!)

Before all the fun could happen, I had to remove and flip one of the gates over so that it could swing out and not into the courtyard. The removal and flippage was pretty easy but the dang latch kicked my butt for a little while....don't worry, I won in the end.

After I was finished with the gate I became the mortar guy. Not a bad job until the drill battery died and I had to mix the last 20 or so batches by hand, ugh.

The plan is to finish up tomorrow night after I get home from work....stay tuned :)

We also decided to keep track of how many miles we walk around LOWES... if I had to guess for the past two months I would say at LEAST 5 miles. I Maybe we'll get to be in a commercial like that Jared guy and Subway.

Have a great flight back to the States Phil...I got a beer in the fridge with your name all over it!

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Philip said...

That patio looks fantastic you guys! Great work! Your home really is coming along beautifully.

Thanks for remembering me Tony! I'll give you a shout when I get established in Reno.