Monday, August 10, 2009

Sprinklers...almost done

We have been busy busy busy the past few days. Day by day we are working our way down the list to to-dos that we have. It would be much easier to get things done if we could just focus on doing one thing at a time instead of having to juggle so many different tasks. In the past few days we have finished a desk for Morgan, installed/repaired a sprinkler system, killed some wasps, hosted a baby shower (Morgan), and countless number of "small" projects like washing windows and hanging blinds.

As I'm sure you can guess, the sprinkler system was mine to tackle...and tackle it I did! For this round, we only were focused on the front yard which is divided into two zone. looking out the front door, zone 1 is on the right and zone 3 is on the left by the tree.

Zone 1 had a busted pipe, a cracked pipe, 2 broken heads, 1 missing head, and 1 head that didn't really work right. There were also 2 heads on zone 3 that I wanted to be part of zone 1.

Zone 3 had 2 broken heads and was missing 1 head. Plus had the section that should have been on zone 1.

To start, I dug up and exposed all the broken pipes and around each head. Since I was going to be moving some heads (old heads we in really random spots) I had to decide where I wanted the new heads to go. Once I decided, I dug new trenches (4 total - good thing I learned to dig holes in the Army) and decided where I was going to tap into the old system with my new pipes.

We picked up the supplies: 40ft 3/4"pvc, glue, 9 new heads, 9 connectors, a cross connection, a T connection, 4 straight connectors, and a handful of caps to cap off the old heads that I abandoned. *I LOVE Rainbird products when working with sprinklers and I only recommend their systems*

We made our cuts, and glued everything together and then after a few hours we fired the system up to check out how we did. Zone 1 worked great! I need to make a few adjustment (need to cut back a few of the heads so the don't spray as far) but other then that, it works like a charm. Zone 3 would have worked just as well as zone 1 except that I have a "T" connector with a broken abandoned pipe in it that I am having a real hard time capping. The cap system I had didn't work but after talking with the plumbing guy at the hardware store and then my father-in-law, I have a game plan. I am going to try and get it all finished up right after I get home from work today.

Wish me luck and check back tomorrow and I'll have some pictures up!

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