Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I am an Idea man. For as long as I can remember, I have been full of ideas. It seems that I am always thinking of different ways to solve problems (that may or may not exist). As I go through the day, these different ideas are just bouncing around in my head waiting to get out. The problem is that I have so many that sometimes they block out my ability to focus on what I am suppose to be working on at the time (like right now).

Another problem with so many ideas bouncing around is that I am always looking for someone to share them with. I love to just sit down with people and bounce ideas off each other. I could do this everyday but I have to remember that not everyone discussing ideas all day, and really not when there is real work that needs to get done.

We had dinner with some friends of our (also our neighbors) and after dinner, I got to share some ideas. One idea that has been going around for sometime between us is building an automated dispatching program for utility companies. We had been waiting to back from one local water company but last night we decided to be a little more aggressive and move onto the next stage of development without hearing from them. We also agreed that we should start going after other utility companies as well.

The other idea that we talked about was moving forward on setting up a community WIFI network. Ideally this would be high speed internet for the whole neighborhood for about $5-$10 a month. when you connect to the network you would be directed to a community happenings page that would be updated by everyone in the network. We want to have things like a community calendar of events and a community bullition board for haves/needs/trades.

What would you like to see on a community website? What would help you to better connect with your neighbors?

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