Saturday, August 15, 2009

More House stuff

I know I haven't posted the final sprinklers pictures but there coming soon I promise. I need to pull them off of the camera and then I'll post them. I would pull the off right now but tomorrow we are going to be taken some before and after shots of our courtyard....yep, before AND after pictures!

Today was a day of cleaning up! We borrow a large trailer from my folks and took all the old kitchen mess (broken tile and sub flooring) to the dump today. It had been hiding along the side of the house for the past month and today was finally the day to get rid of it. Because we had the trailer and some room left we decided to tear out the wood covering the was old and nasty and needed to go.

I think we waited in line at the dump for at least 30min before we finally got to dump our junk into the giant hole in the ground. WE back the trailer up and Morgan emptied the whole trailer by herself while I watched smiling. Yep, I made her empty the WHOLE thing all by herself. The trailer is hydraulic and with a simple push of a button, the whole trailer tilts up and dumps! There are always other dumpers that get jealous (while hand unloading their trailers) and I even heard one lady say that she wanted one too.

After the dump we got some lunch and went to our "third place" ... Lowes. What did we buy this time you ask? 1080 pavers. We were going to wait until next summer to lay pavers in the courtyard but we said, heck we have a week until the housewarming, lets do it!
The guys at Lowes loaded the two pallets in the trailer and then our friend Eric helped us unload all the pavers by hand...Thanks Eric!

Tomorrow we will layout our layout and then start laying 'em down! Check back for some pictures!

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