Sunday, September 20, 2009

Front Yard Transformation

Today is a good day. Today we got to put a big fat mark through a large item on our to-do list...Today we put the sod down in the front yard.




 The last several days have been super busy around here!  First we removed about 6 yards of topsoil from the front yard to get ready to lay the sod.  The original soil was full of weeds and rocks so we decided to bring in better, cleaner top soil. 

Next we had to raise a few sprinkler heads (and replace one that I accidentally broke) and spread out and roll smooth the 5 yards of fresh topsoil that we had delivered.  I then had to fix two broken sprinklers pipes...(guess i got a little carried away with the pick-axe) After that, we were ready for the sod which we put down this morning with the help of friends and family.  Shout out to the Crystals!

Once the sod was all down my beautiful Wif rolled it one last time and with that and a few high-fives, we had grass.  I reprogrammed the sprinkler clock and fixed one more broken sprinkler head...I had to lower it anyways, and out came the pen to cross front yard off of our ever shrinking list!

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L.A. said...

Looks great. Congrat's on the house. I love your kitchen.
We have been renting since moving here 4 years ago because we wanted to get to know the area better before we decided to buy. We have just started to look and it is soooo stressful, but I'm confident we will find the perfect fit for us.
Enjoy yours!!