Thursday, September 24, 2009

Iphone Internet Tethering

Internet tethering allows you to share the internet from one device to this case, from your iphone to your Mac or pc.

Why is this useful?

  • How about if you have a few hours to kill in the airport and don't want to surf the net on your phone or pay the daily rate to use the WIFI in the airport.
  • Or, what if you are in a room with no WIFI but your phone still has a signal...tether time!
  • Or, anytime you want to use your laptop and there is no free WIFI available
Goto this site on your laptop:

And this site on your Iphone (must have 3G, this will not work on EDGE):

Setup should only take about 5min...remember to restart your phone after you install the mobile config or your voicemail might not work right.  Works like normal after a quick restart. Leave me a comment if you get stuck and need help.

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