Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yay for Fall!

Without a doubt, fall is my favorite time of year.  I love that it is now getting cold enough to pull out all my favorite long selves shirts and that we get to start eating soup, stews, and baked potatoes again.  I love that things start to slow down and cool off.  No longer this year will I spend hours and hours working in the yard, shovel in hand, sweating my bum off.

Now that fall is here, we get to trade shovels for wine glasses and hole digging for dinners with friends.  Short sleaves become long again and beard growing contest kick off.  Soon there will be falling leaves to add mulch to our yard and the stress of holiday dinners...who parents this year (or maybe even in OUR new house).

For me, fall is a time to catch up with friends and work on family relationships.  It's a time to say hello sweaters and goodbye allergies!

Do you enjoy fall or just the change of season?

I think our potatoes are confused...they are now covered with flowers again :)


L.A. said...

Fall is my favorite season too. The cool crisp air, the pots of chili or soup cooking in the kitchen, digging out the heavy blankets and the long evenings at home nesting...bring it on.
Winter is my second fav. for all the same reasons.

wendyytb said...

I absolutely LOVE Fall. The tourists head home. Our town and the roads are quieter. There is nothing like it!

Tony R. said...

I didn't even think about the tourist. It seems that for the last month or so, we have had big events here in town..conventions, hotair balloon races, air races, rib cook off, and a motorcycle rally this weekend...after this there is just a small chili cook-off but most people will be headed home soon :)