Monday, September 28, 2009

A Happy Marriage

Do you have 39min and 32sec?  If so, I think you would greatly enjoy the Fresh Air interview with Rafael Yglesias about his new book A Happy Marriage (you can also read the first chapter). Or if you would rather, you can read the interview transcript here

I am halfway through the book and wish tomorrow morning I would wake up to 3' of snow so that I could call in sick to work, build a fire to sit by and finish reading this beautiful story with either hot chocolate or wine...or both.

The story is about Enrique and his wife Margaret and their story.  We are there when they meet and I assume we will be there when Margaret dies...yes, she is dying of cancer but she has decided to die on her terms.  The story is through Enriques eyes and bounces back and forth between Margarets last two weeks of life and the 30 years the spent together prior.

You'll laugh, you may cry, but I promise that you will cherish more of the small things in life and take the time to understand you spouse better. 

Check it out, you won't be disappointed

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L.A. said...

Thanks for the book sounds great I will have to read it.