Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dreams (part 2)

I was sad when I left the eye doctor but I quickly realized that being sad was not safe where I was so I pushed the sadness deep down inside of me and wrapped it around my dead dream.  And there it sat.

A year and a half later, I left the Army

8 months after that, Firefly and I got married.

Slowly over that first year, my dream of flying came out of hiding (turns out it was not dead, just scared of being rejected again)

One night Firefly said to me, "If you want to fly, you should fly. Follow your dreams."

I started doing some research and found the old school I had wanted to go to.  Over the next to years I talked to the flight school, a local community college near the school, and the VA department.  I got burned on some flight training here locally but learned a good lesson in the process.

As of now, my dreams are back on track and one day soon, I will be a helicopter and float plane pilot.

Thanks Love for believing in me.

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