Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Post Topic

So I'd like to introduce a new Post catagory...
Really!? Really!? Someone really has to tell you this is a good idea?

The LA Times recently did a story titled "FDA urged to ban feeding of chicken feces to cattle"

To the LA Times -  "I'd like to say thank you for this story."  To the FDA -  I'd like to say, "DUH."  To the cattle farmers doing this I say "eww" and "thanks for making me feel better about being a vegitarian"

If you have a few minutes, you really should read the fully story.  The short paraphrased version is this:

The FDA estimates 1-2 million TONS of poultry litter is feed to cattle each year.  In that litter, there are feces, chicken feed, feathers and other farm detritus. 

The article also says:
"That's because the spilled chicken feed and the feces contain tissue from ruminants -- cows and sheep, among other mammals. The disease is transmitted through feeding ruminant remains to cattle."
So chickens are eating some left over parts of cows and sheep (ruminants) and then cows are eating some of the waste products of that...OR...cows are eating cows and then you eat them!

What ever happened to the good old days of cows eating grass?  I miss the good old days

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