Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The dark side of flowers

Ignorance is bliss...

Once you know the truth, can you really go back?

Firefly and I were just talking about how after we learn about another way we can save the earth, it drives us crazy when we don't do it.

What did we learn? This time our eyes were opened to the little plastic baggies next to the bulk bins at the grocery store.  Firefly has decided that she is going to make some little baggies this weekend so that we NEVER again have to use the LPB (little plastic bags).

I joking said that I should post a blog talking about all the things we now dislike thanks to so-and-so...

 Such as:
I now dislike straws thanks to The Green Phone Booth ... ect.

Now for the darker side of flowers:

Today on my way home from work, I stopped by Trader Joe's and bought Firefly some flowers (no special reason...I just hadn't bought her flowers in a long time). As I was paying for the flowers, the cashier automatically reached for that plastic flower baggie that they always put the flowers into.  I kindly told her that I didn't need a bag (earth 1, plastic bag makers 0) and that was that, or was it?

This got me thinking...

Why do flowers always come wrapped in plastic?  I remember buying plastic free flowers! I've bought flowers that were wrapped in paper...when did the switch to plastic happen? How did I miss that?  Did the change happen one night while we all slept?

As I headed home, I asked myself the following questions:

  1. When was the last time you bought flowers not in plastic? - No idea (Firefly later said Pike Place market  two years ago)
  2. When was the last time you bought flowers not from a grocery store? - High school? (Firefly: Pikes!)
  3. Where did these flower even come from? It's not spring time in Nevada!? -Next state over: California
Originally I was going to do a simple post asking where you buy flowers from, if you do, and what are they wrapped in, if they are.

However, while searching for a flower picture to use I stumbled across this, a website called Greenopia asking me if I was really green?  Did you know that there are fair trade, organic,  and/or sustainably grown flowers?  I do now!

You should check it out....

P.s. I am PWW (posting with wine!)


HWPetty said...

I bought some reusable produce bags two years ago and LOVE THEM. They look kind of like this:


I also got rip-stop nylon bags for grains/beans from the bulk bins.

Tell M that if she wants to make extra and sell them, I could use more!

And I know what you mean about knowledge... I've gotten to the point where I can't get myself to stop for coffee if I didn't remember to bring my own mug. Paper cups = guilt.

Tony R. said...

Thanks for the etsy link.
I hear you on the coffee...I used to keep a travel mug in each car, both work vechiles and one in my work locker. Now the plastic makes me uneasy so my lovely wife made me a cover for my mason jar turned travel mug!