Thursday, February 11, 2010

Milk in bags?

The other day I found this post on asking, "Is drinking milk from bags weird?"

My answer: Yep, sure is.  Milk is bags?!  That's weird.  I quickly sent an email to Amber over at Unstuffed (she's Canadain)  who confirmed that in Canada, milk is in fact available in bags. (She also added that the organic milk she buys comes in returnable bottles).

The point of the treehungger article was to say that milk that comes in bags uses 75% less material then the jugs that American's buy.  The article goes on to say that the UK is expected to keep 100,000 tons of plastic out of landfills by switching to bagged milk.

Firefly and I drink rice milk that we buy in small 1/4gal boxes.  These are sadly not recyclable.  I have however been thinking that about learning how to make our own rice milk here and thus eliminating this source of trash.
How do you get your milk and what kind of container is it in?  Anyone have a recipe for rice (or almond) milk?


wendyytb said...

I buy my milk in a returnable plastic jug. I am given a 25 cent deposit off the next jug and I understand that the jugs are made into other items afterward. We have diverted four bags a week from the landfill as our recycling program does not include plastic bags.

Tony R. said...

That's great that you can turn your bottles back in so they can be reused/recycled.

Are the "four bags" bags that would have had milk in them if you didn't buy them in bottles?

If so, does that mean you are also from Canada or from somewhere else that sells milk this way?

wendyytb said...

Hi Tony
Yes... I am Canadian,eh. Those three bags of milk come in a fourth larger bag....LOTS of plastic!

L.A. said...

I miss the days when milk came in glass bottles that you could return.
We don't drink much milk but I do like to have a pint or so around just in case I need it in baking and I get it in the cardboard/paper containers instead of plastic.

Tony R. said...

Wow, I had no idea so much plastic is involved, thanks wendy!

@LA I too wish milk still came in glass bottles...I think I remember hearing something about some small dairy farmers that will still sell it this way.