Monday, April 20, 2009

Aim Air

In case you didn't know, Morgan and I both want to work in Africa. If we could work at or run an orphanage, we would be very happy people. We got a little down last night because it seems like this is still going to be a little ways off since we both want to finish our various schooling before we go.

Morgan has another year left with Nursing school and then I will need about a year to finish flight school. We were talking about Africa last night and I remember that I have stumbled on to a Missionary Company - AIM AIR - that works in Africa and is all about flying! Please visit their website here and read stories from various missionaries that are living and working in Africa.

You can also read a great story about Serving Orphans here.

You can also visit Aim Air's flickr site here

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Heather said...

You two will make an amazing impact in Africa as care givers. You both have the heart for it, and I can't wait to get newsletters and pictures of your time there.