Friday, April 3, 2009

Housing Update

Still waiting...

So here's the deal....

  1. We found a house we really like
  2. Walked through the house
  3. Went back with friends/family
  4. Put in an offer
  5. Bank asked for highest and best
  6. We resubmitted our same offer
  7. Bank took the offer but want a few changes
  8. We agreed to the changes and resubmitted the offer
  9. Other agent messed something up
  10. Bank resent us their counter offer
  11. We re-resubmitted the offer agreeing to the bank's requests
  12. Waited for word back
  13. Waited for word back
  14. Got a killer interest rate of 4.6%
That's where we are at for now. What's next is:
  1. The bank has to acept our aceptenance of thier terms
  2. The bank will send us a form saying they want to enter into this deal with us
  3. We sign and send back
  4. We wait for them to sign it
  5. We do inspections
  6. We love house
  7. We sign loan docs
  8. We close on May 1th (pray pray pray it is before May 5th or more money out of pocket)
  9. Celebrate by doing the happy dance in new house!
  10. Redo kitchen and floors
  11. Con friends/family to help us move :)