Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lost in Space

I was surfing the net yesterday and I came across this crazy story about the early days of Russia's space program. The story talks about how two kids hacked into not only the Russian communication but also into the Americans. They were able to hear everything that was said from space back down to Earth.

These two brothers were able to record the first Russian and the first American voices from Space. They even knew the Russians had been beaten the Americans into space before the American president knew.

The story is long but a fun read. It even includes the KGB and Italian spies.

Here is just a little piece of the story:
  • “Come in… come in… come in… Listen! Come in! Talk to me! I am hot! I am hot! Come in! What? Forty-five? What? Fifty? Yes. Yes, yes, breathing. Oxygen, oxygen… I am hot. This… isn’t this dangerous?”The brothers looked nervously at one another. They only fully understood the Russian later when their sister translated for them, but the desperation in the woman’s voice was clear.
  • “Transmission begins now. Forty-one. Yes, I feel hot. I feel hot, it’s all… it’s all hot. I can see a flame! I can see a flame! I can see a flame! Thirty-two… thirty-two. Am I going to crash? Yes, yes I feel hot… I am listening, I feel hot, I will re-enter. I’m hot!”

    The signal went dead.
Was this the first Woman in Space and was she Russian? Yes! They is also evidence that somewhere out in the farthest reaches of our galaxy, a Russian cosmonaut is still "exploring" space.

Check it out!


May 1960 Unnamed cosmonaut lost when his orbiting space capsule veered off course.
November 1960 The brothers picked up an SOS message in Morse code from a troubled spacecraft.
February 1961 Recorded the suffocation of a cosmonaut.
April 1961 Just prior to Yuri Gagarin’s flight, a capsule circled the Earth three times before re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.
May 1961 Weak calls for help from an orbiting capsule.
October 1961 A Soviet spacecraft veered off course and vanished into deep space.
November 1962 A space capsule bounced off the Earth’s atmosphere during re-entry and disappeared.
November 1963 Unnamed female cosmonaut perished on re-entry.
April 1964 Cosmonaut lost when capsule burnt up on re-entry.

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