Saturday, April 25, 2009

Worms **UPDATE**

I went back out to Wiggin' Dick's Red Worm Farm this afternoon to buy some more worms so I made sure to snap a picture. Dick (in the picture) grows his worms in cinder blocks and feeds them straight horse manure. He then covers the worms with straw to keep them warm in the winter and also to keep the water in during the summer time.
I had a few questions about what to do with the second bin. For now, nothing. Once your first bin is about halfway to two-thirds full of worm casting, remove the lid and insert the second bin right on top of the worms. Go ahead and start the second bin like you did the first one...4 inches of damp newspaper and food. After a month or so, all of your worms should have migrated up into the second bin. At this point, you can remove the first bin and after a quick search for slow moving worms, you are ready to use your fresh worm castings directly in your garden, compost pile, or fertilizer tea.

The worms I bought today are headed to work with me on Monday. If you have a kitchen in your break room at work, you should think about making a worm bin for the office as well. Great place for coffee grinds! I'm going to put together a flyer to attach to the bin to educate my coworkers so that they don't overfeed the worms. Once I get the flyer put together, I will post it for everyone to share!

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