Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pescatarian Update - Meet your Meat: Pigs

I can't believe that it has already been two weeks! Crazy how fast these past two weeks have gone by. I have to say that it has gone pretty well and that I feel really good about the whole thing. I did eat meat the first week..3times :( but let me explain... (cue excuses)
  1. Morgan's mom made us some Gluten-free lasagna that would have gone to waste if we did not eat it. I figured wasting food would be even worse then eating the meat because at that point, the cow had already been killed
  2. Morgan's 92 year old Grandma invited us over for some ribs and before we could say that we were off meat, she told us that she already bought the meat...same story.
  3. We went to a BBQ at a friends house for some hamburgers. They bought the beef locally and it was slaughtered at night as not to scare it or the others in the field. At the time I thought I felt okay with this but afterwards, I wish we would have brought over some fish.
Not to bad I think. I have to say that I am really enjoying the vegetarian lifestlye and have even given some thought to going vegan.... but I love cheese WAY to much!

On my way home today I say a bumper stickers that said so I decided to check out the site once I got home. There is a whole section about Meeting your Meat that I think you should check out. In my other posts, I said that we are no longer connected to our meat so I am going to be posting some videos over the next few days so that we can Meet our Meat.

*Warning* This is graphic and makes me sick.

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