Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bees anyone?

So the worms are doing their thing.... Turning trash into garden gold. While the potatoes have exploded and are already ready for their 4th tire! What to do now?

Seeing as the ducks and mini corn field are still a year away, I've started to spend a fair amount if time thinking about apiture...aka beekeeping.

Before we bought the house, I started following a blogger from VA and her adventures as a new beekeeper. You can our her blog here called My Own Beeswax.

After we started the garden in the new house we quickly realized that the garden wall was full of honey bees!!! Now that most of the flowering plants in the garden have started to do just that, the bees are busier (and I think happier) then ever!  We are hoping that having them to pollinate the flowers will lead to lots and lots of fruits and veggies this year.

I have just recently gotten in touch with the local Reno apuntire group (website) and I am hoping to learn if we can convince the wall bees ro swarm and move into a new hive in the yard or if we should start with new bees all together. I also have a lot to learn and i am hoping to try beekeeping for awhile with a groupmember.

I will gladly keep everyone posted and what I learn.

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