Thursday, July 23, 2009

So little time.... (Ramble Alert)

I feel so stressed lately.

It so weird because even when I am stressed, I don't FEEL stressed. You know what it really is, I think I just feel super unorganized. There is so much racing through my head that it's hard for me to even think straight enough to even write this blog.

Moving has thrown off my groove. We are all moved in but still have half unpacked boxes all over the house and I think it's slowly eating away at my sanity. The problem is that for the longest time we weren't able to unpack because we had to finish the remodel. Then once the remodel was done, we had to put all the big furniture where we wanted it and THEN we were able to start unpacking.

The other problem is that I am a list person and have a really hard time getting things done without a to-do list. When I try to work without a list I tend to get distracted and start doing another project right in the middle of what I was doing. Either that, or I start getting overwhelmed by the second task that I end up doing a poor job on the first thing I was doing.

Morgan and I made a to do list tonight after dinner and seeing everything on paper makes me feel better about everything. Always the "J" Morgan also broke the list down by deadline date so now we have three lists to work from....all three are long.

The first deadline date is Aug 8th because Morgan is hosting a baby shower for a friend of hers here at the house and we want the place to look nice for that. The second date is Aug 18th and is when all of Morgan's nursing homework is due by... (Poor wife...I told her I would do her homework for her but she never takes me up on it!) And then the final date (for now) is Aug 22 because that is the day that we thinking will be good for the House warming/Birthday party/Final summer shin-dig...Watch your inbox for your Evite!

(plus my wine turned sour!)

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