Friday, July 3, 2009

House update

House update

The floors are now done and they look amazing! There is sill one more
light final coat that will go down on Monday but seeing as we are
still on vacation until Tuesday, I can say they're done!

The garden is amazing and doing SO well. We have decided that the key
is it is with so many things in life I'm learning. Today we
added some worm jucie (extra water that drains out) to the plants and
moss in the front yard and are excited to see how they look when we
get home. (Thanks for watering Mom!) We also bought some empty tea
bags to make so fertilizer tea when we get back to Reno. I did smuggle
some worm castings up to Seattle with us for BIL (brother in law) to
try so hopeful we will do that this weekend and take it to his plot at
the P-patch. I can't wait to see his potatoes and their tower.

For more wonderful information on the house, garden, and vacation
check out Morgan's blog @

P.s this and all blogs posted over the next few days have been typed
out on my phone either on a plane, a deck, at a coffee shop, or on a
sailboat ( I hope!)

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Anonymous said...

yoyoyoyo glad to see the house is coming along. i had a hellish trip to ct and lost my phone.i had to get a new sim card so i dont have you number anymore.give me a cal when you get this.ESSAYONS!