Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dang computers

Well it seems that I am back to blogging via my phone...

I think it might be time for a new battery for my laptop. Forthe past
6 months or so it has been dying when the battery life is between
18%-32%. There is no system or pattern to it, it just dies. The only
thing I can do is remember to plug it in once it gets close to the 35%
level. Oh and it has been messing my mornings up because the clock hit
stuck on 6:18am

In other news, the house to do list is growing smaller everyday. Last
night we fix a leak in the kitchen, put in a drain stop in the
bathroom sink and tub, attached a new hose holder, and put the spice
rack shelves and spices up. We also bought a portable swampcooler on
Monday that we far it's been so so. It's not as cold as I
thought it would be and the house feels humid now! As anyone used a
portable swamp cooler before? Is this normal?

In other news....the Jimmy tried to blow up on us the other night.
White smoke pouring from under the hood. I need to check all the fluid
levels and I hope it's not a head gasket!

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