Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thanks for hanging in there!

I know that it seems we (Morgan and I) have been a bit out of touch
lately but that will soon be over! The remodel and move have sucked
way more of our time then i thought it would.

The Internet guys should be here today so I'll be able to blog on a
regular basis again. I still have Seattle stories and pictures to share.

We have been living in the new house for 5 days now and as of today we
are clear of the Walker house... Cute little place but I'm too happy
here to miss it!

Now that we are living here, we are trying to unpack and finish the
few dozen "small" projects we have. Things like installing flashing
between the front planter box and the house, digging out the window
wells, and putting a latch on the patio gate.

Come get an early tour if you're free, other wise the house warming/
big reveal is coming up soon!

1 comment:

HWPetty said...

You guys are way better at staying in touch than me!

Let me know if you want/need any help in the evenings with your unpacking. I have two days before my life gets crazy again.

(And I'm DESPERATE to see the house!!)