Thursday, December 17, 2009

Café Mam

If you drink coffee, please take note.

I want to introduce you to the coffee company Café Mam

 It seems to me that Café Mam became Café Mam by chance.  Here is how their website describes the company's beginnings:

"This story begins in 1982, when a group of farmers in Mexico read a magazine article in the Co-evolution Quarterly about New Growth Forestry, a worker-owned cooperative pioneering in stream restoration work in northern California.  They were interested in learning how to teach erosion control in Mexico.

    This group of farmers invited one of New Growth’s members, dahinda meda, to visit them in Tlascala, Mexico and teach classes on erosion control.  In 1987, two of dahinda’s students, Jose and Marta, became advisors on organic techniques to the recently formed coffee co-operative, ISMAM (Indigenas de la  Sierra Madre de Motozintla).

    In 1987, dahinda retired as a restoration contractor and became an organic blueberry farmer near Eugene, Oregon.  In 1989, ISMAM harvested its first certified organic crop of coffee. Because of the connection with Jose and Marta, dahinda purchased the first 37,500-pound container of coffee from ISMAM (invoice # 0001). Thus, Café Mam was born."

Their coffee is Organic, fair trade, shade grown, high altitude, freshly roasted, and tasty!

I just happen to stumble on to their story this weekend. We only have two organic, fair trade coffee shops here in town (to my knowledge) so if I want coffee while I'm working, they are where I go.  I decided to take a coffee break on Saturday so I stopped in at the Delta Cafe (next to Sparks High School in Sparks in Nevada).  The owner was working that day so we talked for a bit and he told me all about he had tried over 100 different coffees before decided on Café Mam coffee.  He likes it because the espresso is a bit sweeter then most.  The thing that sold me on the company is that they support Coffee Kids which is all about helping the children of coffee farmers.

If you have a few moments, I really think you should read Café Mam's about us page.

I think I might just have to order a few sample sized bags and have a tasting party!

Check 'em out!  I know next time I am in Eugene, I'm gonna stop by!

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