Friday, December 11, 2009

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

I have two test today...and I'm not even in school anymore!

The Army gave me some gifts once I left the service.  Almost everyday I have this dull level 2 headache that never goes away.  It doesn't usually get to bad, its just annoying.  It does just up to a "6-7" ever now  and then but it seems that lately, it spikes more offen then not.

It is a sharp stabbing pain at the front of my head.  I'd describe it as someone sticking a knife into my forehead (usually right side) and then twisting the knife while they pour lime juice on my head.  It doesn't knock me out like a migraine just hurts and makes me crabby. (Sorry Love)

I also have a very annoying sinus problem.  Whenever I in a situation where there is a temperature change, the world smells bad to me.  If it is warm inside and I walk outside into the cold morning air, BAM! If it is cold outside and I get into my warm car, BAM!  Sometimes the smell is super quick and other times it last for several minutes...I used to think that I just smelled bad.  Turns out, my "smell-er" is broken a bit.  The smell is a combination of cat urine and a chemical smell found in a Army "wet weather bag."

The first test today is a MRI at the VA hospital.

(hopefully they have a little newer equipment)

(This is more of what I'm hoping for!)

The plan is to scan the head and see what they see.  Hopeful my Doc will be able to figure out what is causing the headaches and the smell issue.

After that, it's off for my year eye exam...hope I'm not Far-sided :)

Then Firefly and I are off to hunt a Christmas tree.  We got a permit from the forest department... unlike the people in Seattle that cut down  a rare conifer from the Seattle Arboretum, leaving just the stump.


Amber said...

Good luck with your tests. Hope you can *sniff* out whatever it is that's going on for you! ;)

L.A. said...

Good Luck with your tests.
Hope they can quickly find out what is causing it all.

Enjoy picking a tree!!