Tuesday, December 8, 2009

From Winter Wonderland to Icy Death Trap

(I take pictures today and post them when I get home)

Well, It finally stopped snowing last night about 4pm and the sun even came out for a little bit.  About 6pm last night we went sledding on a nearby street (2 blocks) with some friends.  As we were flying down the snow covered hill I couldn't help but think about how packed down and icy the snow was becoming and I thought to myself, "Self.  Man it's sure going to be icy tomorrow!"

Normally our snow is super wet and the road turn all slushy but this time the snow was dry and has not melted away yet.  Instead, it has just been packed down and iced over :(

The bummer part is the route I have to drive today is 90% on streets that have not been (or scheduled) to be plowed...bummer.  Like everyone says, "I'm a good driver, I'm just worried about the other guy!"

Is it snowy where you are this morning?  Are you a good snow/ice driver?  Have you had any close calls this year?

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