Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fireflyskies Family Farm

Firefly and I have created a joint blog to share about our life here on our family farm.  After reading "The Urban Homestead" we decided that we too wanted to start an urban homestead.  After some thought we came up with the name FireflyskiesFamilyFarm. Our new blog address is simply

We just got it up and running so there is not much there yet.  I am going to re-post a few farm related post from this blog over there to get things started.  As we get closer to spring and work around here picks up, we will be blog more frequently.

Fireflyskiesfamilyfarm is going to lean more towards just life around here while Stillmorningair starts to head more toward substainable living and morning thoughts.

Please check us out over yonder and please please please feel free to share your thoughts and stories!

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