Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Ornament Story

Firefly and I got married the summer of 2006 so this is our fourth Christmas together.  Our first Christmas, we were living with friends of ours and we didn't have a tree.  Our friends had a live tree that lived on the front porch so we didn't really do anything other then just lights.

Before our second Christmas we decided that we didn't want to have a bunch of meaningless ornaments to store every year.  We decided that every year we would each give each other a handmade ornament and those would be the only ornaments on the tree.  The plan at the time was to do this for 10 years (20 ornaments) and then on the 11 year the first two ornaments would be retired.  My thinking on this is so that the tree doesn't get too cluttered and I figured we would have kids bringing home ornaments they made in school by then.  I'm the kind of guy that likes to have a plan even if we never stick to it.  We'll see soon enough how things really turn out.

Below are the ornaments that we have given to each other.  The top ornaments are the ones I gave to Firefly and the bottom ones are the ones she gave to me.

Christmas Two:

Christmas Three:

Christmas Four:

We both bought the ornaments the first year.  We made them the second year. I etched glass and Firefly used clay.  I bought my ornament this year off and Flyfly made hers.

It makes me laugh that for the last two years, our ornaments have had the same theme to them. The ornaments are a surprise so everything is done in secret.  The only rules of the game are 1)Don't tell the other person and 2) Hand or homemade. From the get-go, each ornament has come to represent where each of us is in life that year.  The Nurse was because Firefly decided to get a second degree and become a nurse and the bike is because I love bikes and have always wanted a tandem! The giraffes were because we both had baby fever that year and the houses are because of our new home.

I want to say thanks to Megan at Meganelene boutique ( for making the house ornament I gave to Firefly this year.  She even volunteered to "Christmas" it up and added our name and year above the house and our house number on the mailbox.  If you are looking for a great (and cheap) handmade ornament for next year (maybe even this year), be sure to check her out!

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