Friday, February 27, 2009


Whew! It is finally Friday! I got a little messed up this week because Wednesday night, I though it really Friday. The past two days have felt like I was working through my weekend.

I am going 4-wheeling / shooting with a buddy of mine all day Saturday and then Sunday will hopefully be pretty laid back, maybe invite some people over for some cheese, games, and wine. Tonight we get to have dinner (usually Mexican!) with some friends and see our God-son. Sunday afternoon is also our inspection. The guest list includes my in laws, my folks, a good friend of Morgans, and my wife and me.

I was talking with some work friends yesterday and I think that at least 5 of the people I work with have bought a house within the last 30 days. Plus two other friends. That's craziness, I didn't realize until yesterday just how many people I know that now own a house.

I'm excited to post pictures of the inside and also of the different things we want to add to the house. Such as when its time to pick out the counter tops, range (gas), double ovens, fridge, and paint.

Alright, here I go...9 hours till freedom!

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