Tuesday, February 24, 2009

House and Bus

Our Realtor called me yesterday afternoon and said that a house somewhat in our area just had a huge price drop and is now only $169,000. This is crazy since everything we have been looking at has been in the $220-300k range. I drove by it yesterday and I think the outside could use a fresh coat of paint and maybe eventually we could get rid of the siding and stucco the whole thing...I love brink, rock, or stucco on a house.

The other plus is that it has a Mother-in-laws quarters in the back which is something that we have been searching for and have only found one other house that had one.

We are going to go today at 4pm (with our Godson) and check it out. I don't really have any big expectations but I do like the price. I'll let you know what we think.

Also, we found the VW Bus that we really like. It is a '77 Pop-top camper! It is for sell up in Seattle so we are going to ask BiL (Brother-in-law) to check it out for us. The funny thing is that the seller is actually going to be in Reno Wednesday-Sunday on vacation. Hopefully BiL check it out/buy it on Monday and then we can start the shipping process.

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Candace said...

Did you like the house??? are you getting the VW?