Thursday, February 26, 2009

Guess what?

We bought a house! We put an offer in on the house after we went and walked through it and now we own a house! easy I want to buy another one :) Our offer was 11k below asking price and the seller countered at just 3k below. He agreed to pay the closing costs so we accepted the counter offer.

The price? 166K :) hehe
This means the mortgage on this house will be less then what we are currently paying in rent.

We are going to show it off to the folks on Sunday so I will take some better pictures and post them for you to see. I am really excited about being able to put in the kitchen that we want and not having to remodel it. You'll see what I mean after I post the pictures. Trust me when I say the inside is going to look great!

Thanks for being excited for us!

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