Sunday, February 15, 2009

House Hunt

The house hunt continues...
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We've decided to buy a house here in Reno. This has been a pretty stressful decision but we finally decided to go for it because there are lots of good deals on the market and we are going to be here for a few more years still.

We want to find something that we can rent out once we move so that we will have something to move back into if we decide to come back. I have walked through 13 different houses and looked at about 30 more online that we decided we did not want to see. Out of all of these, we have narrowed the search down to our current top three.

You can search MLS here:

House number three is.... 790 Keele Dr. (MLS# 90000439)

Our Second choice is.... 690 Georgia Pl (MLS# 80015394)
We tried to see the inside of this house but the last Realtor that showed it locked the keys inside the house. We are HOPING to be able to see the inside today. We did however walk around the property and peek in the windows :)

And finally, our top choice is .... 742 W. Plumb ln. (MLS# 80018173)
The pictures all look like someone had their fingers over the camera... The best part about this house is that it has a very cute mother-in-laws cottage in the back yard that we would "rent" to ourselves once we are ready to move. Then when we come back to town to visit, we would have our own space and not have to stay with family.

The only reason why we haven't bought this house yet is that right after we made our offer, the owner/seller decided that he didn't really want to sell the house so he pulled it from the market :( So for now, we are going to continue to look around and try to wait him out.

Check them out and let me know what you think!

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